Workforce Pipeline and Life-Long Learning
Attracting new talent and providing education on state-of-the-art best practices is at the heart of the Workforce Pipeline and Life-Long Learning Domain. SNMMI is dedicated to ensuring the future of the field of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging by retaining and expanding a diverse pool of qualified professionals to advance research and meet patient needs.
SNMMI has increased student and resident members fivefold over the past year through an aggressive outreach and recruitment program, including a streamlined join process for residents and students.
Attracting new students and residents.
SNMMI has launched a dedicated website for residents and medical students, focused career services, and new opportunities for networking. A new Mentor Match program has been developed and will launch in summer 2018. The 2018 Annual Meeting will feature a new program for residents and students, including career-related events, sessions, and opportunities as well as social/networking activities.
Enhancing the student/resident experience.
New Resident and Medical Student Website
SNMMI is participating in conferences and meeting with professional medical groups to increase the visibility of nuclear medicine to residents and to promote training, participation in fellowships, and dual certification.
Increasing visibility.
SNMMI is working with stakeholder organizations to identify dual-training pathways that provide high-quality graduate medical education leading to dual certification in nuclear medicine and radiology.
Training pathways.
In 2017, 312 enthusiastic racers participated in the Hot Trot 5K, and $55,624 was donated to the Professional Development and Education Fund and the Freedom Service Dogs of America, which rescues dogs and custom trains them to assist people in need.
Creating a positive sense of community.
Hot Trot 5K Participants
In 2017, SNMMI-TS took concrete steps to enhance value for its members. The new CT+ Review and Essentials and Radiation Safety+ Review and Essentials courses provide VOICE credit, valuable training and exam preparation. Uptake newsletter converted to an attractive digital format that is more accessible to younger students and members on-the-go.
Enhancing value for technologist members.
A new “Tech TIME” (Technical Imaging Multidisciplinary Education) series has been created by SNMMI-TS to provide members with accurate and up-to-date online tools to quickly solve questions and problems. The series begins with brain imaging procedures in nuclear medicine and PET. Tech TIME resources will include easy-to-read fact sheets, short video vignettes to answer specific “how-to” questions, case studies with relevant patient examples, and a valuable directory for follow-up learning or continuing education credit.
Brain Imaging Tech TIME.
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