Research and Discovery
The pace of innovation in the field of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging is both exciting and challenging. Many new molecular imaging agents and therapies are showing great promise for helping patients who now have few options. Through its Clinical Trials Network, centers of excellence and councils, SNMMI is working at all stages of the process to support innovation, develop best practices and ensure that patients have access to new procedures of proven value.
SNMMI is developing a broad-based vision document outlining the roles of precision imaging and radiopharmaceutical therapy in cancer, neuroimaging, and other disease areas where there are unmet needs. This document will be the basis for further plans, which in turn will be supported by focused grant applications and fundraising.
Promoting research.
Expanding support for new agents and instrumentation.
Figure: A 62-yr-old man with Gleason 4+3 PCa treated with radical prostatectomy, with rising PSA level (1.32) and PSA doubling time of 3.7 months. 64CuCl2-PET/CT images revealed 2 positive small left iliac lymph nodes (A,C), whereas 18F-choline PET/CT (B,D) was negative (arrows). Credit: A Piccardo et al., Galliera Hospital, Genoa, Italy
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