The field of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging is rapidly evolving and increasingly important in precision medicine—providing tailored, targeted diagnostic and therapeutic care to patients across a wide spectrum of disease conditions. SNMMI’s Value Initiative and strategic plan provide the roadmap for working with a broad set of partners and stakeholders to demonstrate the crucial role of nuclear medicine in patient care. By working together, we can advance scientific discovery and further improve patient outcomes.
Working through these six domains, the Value Initiative will lead to a strong future for the field:
A future where molecular imaging and diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine are recognized for their value in providing quality care and improving patients’ lives.
A future where young physicians, scientists, pharmacists and technologists are excited to enter the field and well prepared for a profession in which the “state-of-the-art” is ever-evolving.
A future where alliances and collaboration across disciplines and across international boundaries foster advances that make a real difference for each patient.
A future where academia and industry partnerships drive innovations.
A future where value-driven nuclear medicine research is encouraged, supported and made clinically available.
To address the field’s challenges and opportunities going forward, the Value Initiative sets forth six domains of focus:
This annual report outlines each domain and highlights primary objectives and accomplishments over the past year that will advance the field toward realization of this future—improving patients’ lives.
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