Organizational Strength and Stability
With organizational strength and stability, SNMMI can provide the long-term leadership necessary to help the field of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging thrive in a dynamic healthcare landscape—meeting member needs with quality assurance, research and educational support, advocacy, outreach and collaboration with all stakeholders.
SNMMI is strengthening its retention and recruitment programs by enhancing the value of membership and engaging members through personal contact, unique networking opportunities, social news and volunteer recognition. In June the society will launch SNMMI Connect, a new online e-community that brings together colleagues from around the globe to network and collaborate in forums dedicated to specific interests. Additional initiatives focus on medical students and residents, including a dedicated website with a new mentor platform, changes to the resident/student certification process, and a new in-training job-posting section in the Career Center.
Strengthening membership.
SNMMI is taking steps to ensure the financial stability of the society, including developing new offerings, focusing on efficient and effective use of resources, and creating a new innovation fund.
Ensuring financial stability.
SNMMI's enhanced career center website.
The new dedicated Value Initiative Industry Alliance website.
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Through a new Value Initiative Industry Alliance, SNMMI’s corporate partners will help shape the field’s future by providing funding support, strategic industry guidance, and collaborative knowledge-sharing. A new Small Business Advisory Alliance provides new companies in the field with a voice in discussions, as well as access to SNMMI resources, including the Clinical Trials Network and Health Policy and Regulatory Affairs Department.
Engaging industry.
SNMMI and SNMMI-TS received more than 150 new volunteers for the coming year through the call for volunteers submission this spring.
Engaging members.
Increased engagement with members through targeted email blasts.
SNMMI’s first Annual Meeting in 1954 was a major event for the field, and the meeting is no less important today. Over the past year, in response to member feedback, the society moved to enrich the 2018 event with “Nuts and Bolts” sessions to provide practical information that can be used immediately upon return to the clinic, a Training Showcase for industry to provide training on their products and services, and new events for networking and socializing. The meeting now begins earlier on Saturday and ends on Tuesday evening to make the best use of participants’ time. And to tie it all together, a new app will allow easy, effective planning and communication.
Enriching the SNMMI Annual Meeting.
The JNM is a pillar of the profession. In 2017, Johannes Czernin, MD, took the helm as editor-in-chief of JNM and began pushing the journal to new heights. Last year’s journal citation reports showed JNM had the highest number of citations, the highest 5-year impact factor, the highest number of citable articles, the best Eigenfactor score, and the highest article influence score. In 2017, JNM was accessed 9,712,266 times—an increase of almost 1 million over 2016. Through effective communication and forward-thinking discussion, JNM is helping lead a renaissance in the field.
Strengthening The Journal of Nuclear Medicine.
SNMMI is conducting ongoing evaluation of what’s working and what needs improvement. A new Governance Review Committee is being established to provide an unbiased review of the society’s governance structure. The organizational infrastructure is being reviewed and enhanced, and a 5-year technology plan is in development.
Ensuring financial stability.
The Journal of Nuclear Medicine
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